Woodson W150-2 Vintage 1970s Amp Combo


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This Woodson is a sleeper! This amp was produced in Bolivar, Missouri sometime in the early 1970s as a subsidiary of Kustom Electronics Inc. A sort of studio rig, solid-state, Twin-esque combo amp with awesome built-in reverb and tremolo. The Tube Effect is a sort of presence knob, whereas the Volume is a pregain knob that breaks up pretty fast with a master volume control. A fairly subdued 100W of output (still very usable but not as loud as you might think!) pushed through two CTS large-magnet speakers that sound great. Foot pedal jack and tape record output and AC outlet on the back. Original tilt brackets and casters for moving it around (very heavy amp!). In excellent condition for its age, completely functional with only minor scuffs in the tolex/hardware.



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