Vintage Open-Back Banjo, Chicago Made c.1910’s-1920’s, Player’s Grade, Unknown Make


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This banjo is a serious force to be reckoned with, especially considering it’s nearly 100 years old. Purportedly made in Chicago sometime in the range between 1910-1920, it utilizes an open back construction, a new Elite head, new Gotoh tuners, and a new compensated bridge, as well. The construction methods are graceful; it features elaborate headstock inlays, the neck has a soft-feeling V profile, the 40-lug pot has a nice taper on the inside from the wood to the metal shell exterior, and the underside of the head has what looks like a precursor to a tone ring, in that there is a fitted lip that extends by 5/16″ into the empty space of the pot that sits flush with the head. The tone is through the roof; saturated without sounding muddy, bright without being shrill, great playing with low action, and for the right player this is a lifetime instrument, without a question. Don’t miss out!

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