Folkcraft Legend Model 16/17 66-String Black Walnut Hammered Dulcimer w/Case & Accessories


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This hammered dulcimer is a force to be reckoned with. Being the one of the largest dulcimers offered by Folkcraft, it features 66 strings, thus 33 courses, and 50 distinct playing notes on a black walnut soundboard with a tonal depth that’s incredibly immense. The photo with the tuning diagram doesn’t include the lowest 2 courses, the lowest which being tuned to a low A. The craftsmanship is very elegant featuring beveled maple edges for the tuning keys, ornate sound holes, 2 handles on the back and a light weight, overall. It was made in 2004 by David Marks, the original owner of Folkcraft before he sold the company to Richard Ash in 2008, who’s also an excellent builder in his own right. Included with the instrument is a foldable wooden stand for it, 4 sets of hammers (1 particularly nice set, pictured on the left in the detailed photo), a tuning key, the original fitted soft shell case for it (complete with an awesome hammered dulcimer pin!), a sheet music stand that slips under the top side of the instrument, sheet music, an entire extra set of strings, and a tuner. If this isn’t an extensive, complete package, then we don’t know what is. Hammered dulcimers don’t often come close to this quality of sound and construction.

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